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Great State: OKC Daughter and Mom Find Art in Everyday Places

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- By themselves, a few strands of colorful, copper wire might spark the imagination of an electrician, but Andra Kissinger finds them useful in basket weaving.

She says, "It's about constantly pushing boundaries of different media and different ideas."

The weaving part is old Cherokee craft.

The winding part puts her own theories about what makes art to the test.

She continues, "I think that it's important for people to realize that not all art is made from fine materials or expensive materials, and you can actually find art materials all around you."

Ars In Omnia is a sleepless sounding Latin term that actually means 'Art In All Things'.

Andrea takes that theme straight to the retail shop floor and the junk drawer.

She took a hundred old gift cards and cut them up to make a colorful mosaic.

She gathered dozens of plastic packing bands and wove them together.

From regular things no one would notice, Andrea transformed them to art pieces that catch the eye.

"I'm constantly trying to force myself to re-imagine the way I see things and re-imagine how I can use something for other than its original purpose."

The Ars in Omnia show at the In Your Eye Gallery features jewelry made from more discarded gift cards and other wearable art that includes tightly wrapped wire.

Andrea's mom, artist Kara Gardner, is a painter who also makes use of every day things to create still life in her frames.

Andrea explains, "My mother uses several different types of media. I use several different types of media."

Since the very first cavemen took pieces of charcoal from the fire to draw with we've found things and then re-made them into something creatively different.

From grasses and reeds, artists from the past made baskets.

Modern artists use wire to make the same thing.

From plastic to full expression, Ars In Omnia lives on in the mind of the maker.