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Pilot makes bizarre 911 call after swallowing 62 packets of cocaine

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HOUSTON, TX. – We are now hearing the 911 call that was made by a commercial pilot who is charged with smuggling cocaine from Columbia into Houston, Texas.

It is a 911 call he made to save his life.

Right now, 49-year-old commercial pilot Stanley Hill is free on $50,000 bond after federal investigators say he swallowed 62 bags of cocaine.

After swallowing the cocaine, authorities say he boarded a United Airlines flight from Bogota to Houston.

Hill ended up at a hotel near Bush Intercontinental Airport where everything unraveled.

Operator: “What is your emergency?”

Hill: “I swallowed packets of cocaine and one burst.”

Operator: “Do you know how many packets you swallowed?”

Hill: “62.”

Operator: “62 packets?”

Hill: “Yeah.”

The stunning 9 minute 13 second conversation between Hill and the operator will blow your mind.


Operator: “Do you know what caused you to swallow the packets?”

Hill: “To make money.”

According to Click 2 Houston, the pilot spent a few days in the hospital passing cocaine pellets before seeing a judge.

For now, a judge has banned Hill from flying.