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Rev. Jesse Jackson stands beside Take Shelter Oklahoma as they file new school shelter petition

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MOORE, Okla. - Organizers trying to put storm shelters in schools statewide to a vote of the people have now recruited a big name to help with their latest initiative.

Rev. Jesse Jackson made the trip to Oklahoma Wednesday, pleading with Oklahomans to sign the group’s petition.

The group had to start from scratch after they met one political obstacle after another.

Mikki Davis lost her son, Kyle Davis, in Plaza Towers Elementary last year.

“I'm not giving up,” says Davis. “This is the reason were doing this. These children, this is the reason we need shelters in schools.”

With a heavy heart, blank slate and fresh new pages to collect signature, Take Shelter Oklahoma hopes to put the political obstacles in the past.

"I can't wait until it's going to be on the ballot,” says Davis. “I know it's going to be on there.”

But to make sure the group asked for a little outside help and Rev. Jackson came to their side.

Jackson has been asking himself as he watched the firestorm unfold, should this initiative be this hard?

"It's not about the republicans it's about the republic,” says Jackson. “It's not about democrats it's about the democracy.”

Mikki Davis says, "This is not a political thing this is the right thing to do."

So here they are hoping this second chance goes smoother than the last.

Jackson says, “How we treat, children, how we treat the endangered is a measure of our character.”

The new petiton’s sole focus is just getting the issue on the ballot.

They are leaving the fundraising in the hands of lawmakers.

The group’s attorneys also say they are sending the language to Governor Fallin and Attorney General Scott Pruitt before they file in hopes to avoid any last minute edits.