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‘Slender man’, internet horror character said to inspire girl’s stabbing, raises parent’s concerns

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WISCONSIN – Watching the online activity of your kids is more important than ever.

And authorities in Wisconsin are stepping up their game.

The push comes after two 12-year-old girls brutally stabbed a fellow 12-year-old after they lost touch with reality through the internet.

“It’s too easy to come across things they shouldn’t be seeing, drugs and smoking and sex and alcohol, there’s so much out there, the violence,” said Courtney Hellmich.

Courtney Hellmich’s reaction after two 12-year-old Waukasha girls stabbed their friend.

Police say the girls spent months planning the attack using the internet.

It was in an effort to prove that slender man, a fictional character they learned about through a horror website, was real.

Now, Hellmich, a mother of six, says she’s worried about what her children should be seeing on the internet when she is not watching.

“One click, they could be into something they should have never seen,” Hellmich said.

It’s because internet-influenced criminal acts like Saturday’s stabbing in Waukesha the Rock County Sheriffs Department is pushing parents to use monitoring software, like “Computer Cop” on their children’s computers.

The software allows parents to monitor their children’s internet use, flagging dangerous words and images that they may come across.

The mother says because of all the influences on TV and the internet, she has chosen not to have a cable TV in their house.

The family does have a computer that they allow the kids to use in a common area, to keep their eye on them.