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Former JAG officer breaks down Bergdahl case

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WASHINGTON - President Obama is speaking out about the rescue of a soldier from Taliban leaders in Afghanistan.

He says he will make "no apologies" for trading five former Taliban leaders for American POW Bowe Bergdahl.

Obama said, "I think it was important for people to understand that this is not some abstraction, this is not a political football."

President Obama says it's the responsibility of the U.S. to return soldiers home who have volunteered to serve the country.

The decision to release the high-ranking Taliban members in exchange for a soldier who may have voluntarily deserted his post has been criticized by people on both sides of the aisle.

Bowe Bergdahl remains at a U.S. military hospital in Germany, where he's said to be improving and working on regaining control of his emotions.

A former Navy lieutenant commander and JAG, Brian Bouffard, spoke with NewsChannel 4's Linda Cavanaugh about the case.