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Service dog not allowed with Epileptic student in school

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ILLINOIS – The family of an Illinois girl who has epilepsy says her elementary school won’t allow her to bring her service dog to class.

Kellsey McGuire was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 18-months- old.

She suffers from chronic seizures.

“Kellsey has had seizures in the past where she has stopped breathing and she goes unresponsive and she turns blue and we have to rush her to the hospital,” Said Kellsey’s mom, Brandi McGuire.

Her mom says Kellsey has had up to 90 seizures in one day.

After years of sleepless nights, the family turned to Jasper – Kellsey’s service dog.

“It’s very important that Jasper is there. I mean he is her furry little angel. He is the one that comes and tells us when she is having a seizure,” said Brandi.

Kellsey started taking Jasper to Sherrard Grade School in January, but less than a month later, the school said Kellsey could no longer bring him.

And right not, no one will explain why.

Her attorney, Matthew Hays, says this goes against the American Disabilities Act.

“They will make accommodations for those with medical issues, in this instance, service dogs. They will be allowed in the facility in the classroom and allow for, in this case Kellsey, to save her life.”

“He needs to be with her every day and it’s proven he’s doing a great job,” said Hays.

With the school’s denial, Brandi continues to fight for her daughter’s rights.