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Watch: Hero pool repairman saves drowning squirrel with CPR

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A pool repairman in Arizona goes into lifeguard mode when he finds a squirrel floating in the water.

Rick Gruber is an animal lover and a pool repairman in Phoenix, Arizona.

He fished this guy out of a pool he’d been working near, draped him over a plastic pipe, and tried to remember what he’d learned in CPR classes.

“I just gently pushed on his rib cage then squeezed his sides, thinking at some point I’m gonna find his lungs.” Technically, it’s a round tailed ground squirrel, a sort of miniature prairie dog.

Within a minute or two he got the squirrel breathing and transferred it to a nice soft kneepad. Rick was thrilled to see his patient twitch. Soon, it opened its eyes, “I know you probably feel like crap. You were just dead.”

If it weren’t for the pool guy, this little guy wouldn’t have pulled through.

According to CNN, the squirrel is a round-tailed ground squirrel.

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