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Wife allegedly lives with husband’s corpse for over 9 months

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INDIANA – An Indiana coroner says an 88-year-old world war II veteran was dead inside his home for nine months before authorities ever knew about his death.

And his wife continued to live there.

The nativity scene on the front porch in June is the first clue that something at this house is out of the ordinary.

“She seemed a little unusual. She seemed a little crazy,” says neighbor Bonnie Davies.

“She” is Ila Solomon, Gerald Gavan’s wife of two years.

The 88-year-old Gavan, known by friends as “Scooter,” was found by police on the living room floor of the home May 3.

The coroner says he was dead for at least nine months.

“For a year, kind of, the neighbors would talk. ‘Where’s Scooter? We haven’t seen him’,” said Davies.

His wife told neighbors her husband wasn’t home.

Finally, an out of state friend asked police to investigate. That’s when they found the badly decomposed body in the home.

Police are looking at financial records to see if, in fact, Gerald Gavan’s wife was receiving pension or other payments even after his death.

They are also waiting on toxicology reports to determine his cause of death.

At this point, no criminal charges have been filed.