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Common Core axed, educators look for another way to teach students

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OKLAHOMA - Superintendent Janet Barresi is asking the question, "what do we want for Oklahoma's kids."

A question that many parents want answered.

Teacher and mother of two, Brooke Fonzi said, "We are losing good teachers every year. Teachers are deciding that it's just too much. You're changing the way that I've taught."

After yesterday's repeal of Common Core, the old curriculum standard, P.A.S.S., is back in play until educators set new standards.

This has parents and teachers concerned.

Barresi says "P.A.S.S. standards were changed by our legislature because in this state, they were considered to not be college and career ready."

Governor Fallin says new standards need to be in place by August of 2016.

Some parents feel the two year timeline is too long.

Fonzi said "I think 2014 is too late. I think they should have done something about this a long time ago. I don`t feel that, with them coming out yesterday and saying we're going to go back to the way that wasn't good enough two years ago, and it's going to be good enough now for the next two years. Where are our kids going to be in two years?"

Superintendent Janet Barresi says they'll have a plan by 2016.

Barresi said, "I want the public to go to our legislature and to say these are right for Oklahoma kids, these are going to be standards written by Oklahoman's for Oklahoman kids and we're going to weave so much more into it, such as character development."