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Mad man attacks postal worker with a bat

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SPENCER, Okla. - A Spencer mail carrier was attacked on his delivery route.

Trekking through severe weather and fighting off dogs and wildlife are all part of the job for a postal worker.

It’s rare they have to run away from a homeowner. But it happened to one mail carrier.

While delivering on Krammer Street, he was met with a mad man swinging an aluminum baseball bat back and forth trying to hit him.

"It was ironic that there were about three or four dogs out running around at the same time, but this guy didn't have to be worried about the dogs. He had to be worried about a guy walking down the street,” said Allen Lane with Spencer Police Department.

Police say the half-naked man on the other end of the bat was Tanner Brunkhurst.

Investigators say although he was on foot, he yelled at the postman to stop driving so slow.

That was followed by a series of swear words and racial epithets

The violent rampage didn't stop there.

Lane said, "He was just angry and mad in general. He beat up the stop sign pretty good, the bat is dented on one side pretty good where he struck it multiple times."

Investigators say Brunkhurst wasn't under the influence of drugs or alcohol and they have no idea why he attacked the postal worker.

Brunkhurst was arrested last month for assault and battery. Now he is facing a new assault charge.

He may also have federal charges for attempted attack of a governmental employee.