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‘Most beneficial salad oil on the planet’ could provide an array of benefits

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A research facility in Poland says its producing the most beneficial salad oil on the planet.

They call it the “Drop of Health,” and say just a small amount drizzled on your salad will provide an array of benefits.

The project manager at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Lublin says the oil contains higher concentrations of anti-oxidants and unsaturated fatty acids that oils currently have on the market.

Made from rapeseeds, the oil is said to be full of anti-oxidants.

Rapeseed, or canola oil, has been widely available for decades, but has come under criticism for its highly refined processing methods.

Officials at the research facility say their oil is processed in a sterile environment with no exposure to light or oxygen, minimizing the degradation of the finished oil.

While research for “Drop of Health” ends this year, it will be some time before the oil is available on supermarket shelves.