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Woman finds $7,000 in drive-thru; You won’t believe what she did with it

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MICHIGAN – A Michigan woman found $7,000 in the drive-thru station at a bank, and returned it.

“I took the canister out, when I looked down and opened it up there were two wads of money,” said Lloyd.

$7,000 is what Sylvette Lloyd says shocked her during a trip through the drive-thru at her local credit union.

To say she was stunned is an understatement.

“I think I screamed a little,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd says she was there to withdraw just a few dollars, pretty much all she had in her account. After the initial shock, she said she tried to figure out what to do with all that money.

“It was a lot and I could have used that amount. We just bought a house a year ago, and it needs a lot of work done. The money would have pretty much covered it,” she said.

Putting aside her own financial issues, Lloyd says she immediately took the money inside the credit union.

As for the person who lost the cash, the credit union says they were able to locate the rightful owner and return it.