Lunch with Warren Buffet goes for how much?!

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How much would you pay to have lunch with investing guru Warren Buffett?

A man from Singapore is willing to shell out some serious cash to sit down with “The oracle of Omaha.”

The crowd went wild at the close of the auction. The winner will get an exclusive, one on one luncheon with one of the richest and more influential men on the earth: Warren Buffet.

The final bid for the auction was $2,166,766.00 and the money will go to support the charitable programs ran by Glide Memorial Church.

The Glide choir was on hand to add some inspiration to the event. Glide’s pastor, Cecil Williams remembers when the idea for the power lunch was sparked.

His wife was a member of Glide, and we didn’t know it, because she didn’t tell us for a long time, and then finally when she told us it was on a Sunday and Warren was with her and we didn’t know who he was and they came into church and she said, Suzy, his first wife, says I want you to meet my husband, Warren Buffet, and we were shocked, just shocked.

This is the 15th year for this power lunch auction.

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