Apartment evacuates after resident’s dinner goes up in flames

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Folks were forced to evacuate from the Berrywood Terrace apartments on South Bryant Monday evening.

Firefighters say it all started when a man's fish fry went terribly wrong.

"I don't know if he left it unattended or for sure just how it happened, but it did catch the grease on fire on the stove and got into the cabinets," said Maj. Jim Williams.

Crews say the man ran to the manager's office for help. Workers quickly called 911 knowing the apartments are filled with seniors who need help getting in and out.

Firefighters went door to door rounding up residents and knocked out the fire.

The man's kitchen suffered all the damage, and other apartments had smoke damage.

Maj. Williams says it was a good thing smoke detectors were working in everyone's apartment because that helped alert a lot of residents, and many people were able to get themselves out before firefighters even arrived.

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