Authorities continue to search for missing elderly woman

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. - We are now on day four of a woman missing from Logan County.

78-year-old Karol Kenaston is missing from the area of Highway 51 and Kelly in Northern Logan County.

Now friends and family are hoping someone can help lead them to their loved one.

Grandson Jeremy Kenaston said,  "She was really slow, maybe some early signs of Parkinson's too.  For her to get a long distance in the rough terrain we have around here would be really hard on her."

A Silver Alert was issued Friday.

Authorities say the Oklahoma Highway Patrol flew over the area for hours as the community and deputies came together in the search.

Friend Kristi Cook was one of many helping out.

Cook said, "We've had over 200 people out here searching for Carol.  People have brought their dogs their horses, their four wheelers, food, water drinks, everything they could to help us find Karol."

Karol has a previous right arm injury that allows little use of her right arm.

Officials say she has some dementia and she is hard of hearing.

Deputy Chief Rich Stephens from the Logan County Sheriff's Department said this isn't the first time she has gone missing.

Stephens said, "Recently in May she took a trip from the house just North of her residence to her original residence where she was in fact born in 1935 and they found her there just sitting on a couch in an abandoned house."

Her family believes she is on foot and they're getting more desperate by the minute.

Her Grandson said they just want to know where she is.

"I know that if it was her time to go it was meant to be but I'd like the closure for my family."

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