Beautiful disaster: Couple’s wedding photos capture approaching wildfire

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BEND, Ore. (KPTV) — An Oregon couple nearly had to put their wedding on hold when a wildfire interrupted their ceremony.

The bride, April Wolber, said the Rock Springs Ranch just outside of Bend, Oregon, “just felt like the dream location.”

She said, “It’s just kind of become our place.”

April Wolber and her husband Michael were getting ready for the biggest day of their lives.

As the ceremony start time neared, the Two Bulls wildfire was growing nearby.

April Wolber said, “All of my bridesmaids did a really good job keeping me calm and didn’t even tell me about the fire until about 30 minutes before the wedding.”

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were in place, and Michael Wolber was waiting for his bride, but she wasn’t walking down the aisle.

April Wolber said, “That’s when the fire truck comes up with the sirens going.”

Michael Wolber said, “I’d call it an all-time low. It was announced that were going to be evacuated.”

The fire was too close and the wedding was canceled.

Michael Wolber said, “To get to that final minute before it was going to happen and have everything feel like it was going to fall apart. It was a pretty crazy reality to be in.”

The couple’s parents pleaded to firefighters to let them do a quick ceremony.

“My heart was sinking,” Michael Wolber said. “I remember looking at the pastor, saying ‘Liz, I have to marry April today and I have to marry her here.'”

It looked hopeless, but then firefighters changed their mind.

Michael Wolber said, “We got to hear the ranch manager Kelly come down, waving her arms saying, ‘We can do it. We can do the ceremony!'”

The couple performed their ceremony in half the time. After a quick kiss, it was off to the backup reception location in Bend’s Drake Park.

The couple’s photographer, Josh Newton, snapped an incredible photo, which has now gone viral, getting thousands of likes and shares on Facebook and Twitter.

“The fire changed the plans of our day and completely changed the course of what we thought our wedding was going to look like,” Michael Wolber said. “It was really neat to see us, and him especially, be able to turn it into a positive.”

It was a wedding better than a movie script and a story to tell for the rest of the lives.

Michael Wolber said, “We wouldn’t change a single thing about the way yesterday went off.”

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