Caught on tape: Bus aide arrested for allegedly abusing disabled children

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PASCO COUNTY, Fla. – A bus aide in central Florida has been arrested after security video shows him hitting an autistic child.

The child’s mother says she has complained several times and it finally took video evidence before the school district took action.

Lori Lamb said, “He’s a big man. He’s not some 98 pound weakling and he’s 57-years-old. Shame on him.”

According to surveillance video, Lori’s son, Jeffery, was hit once and then threatened with a fist.

The same bus assistant then came back to him 15 minutes later and delivered another blow.

His mother says her 10-year-old son is autistic and wasn’t able to communicate exactly what happened.

Lamb said, “This is disgusting. It’s disgusting.”

Pasco County investigators say James Lambert is now charged with child abuse.

Since 1998, Hudson has worked on buses with children with disabilities.

Before this incident, Lori Lamb says she filed a complaint about Lambert’s behavior toward her son on two other occasions.

Pasco County is now looking for any past video of Lambert.

However, the video isn’t stored very long and administrators don’t look at it unless there is an issue.

Linda Cobb, with Pasco County Schools, said, “Let me make it clear that this is an isolated incident.”

Lamb says she is not convinced this was the only ride of horror for her son.

She said, “My trust is gone and I don’t have any faith in the school.”

Investigators are now questioning the bus driver about her knowledge of what happened.

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