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Caught on tape: In Your Corner team surprises Oklahoma man with autism

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Larry Stream is one special guy. The 57 year-old is autistic. He’s big-hearted and old school.

Patia McManus runs the kitchen and dining room at Quail Ridge Assisted Living, where Larry lives.

“Larry does not like technology,” she said. “He still uses a cassette tape, an eight track and a VCR.”

So when his VCR quit working he was determined to find a new one.

McManus said, “He came into the dining room and I was standing there and he said, ‘Patia, you have to call Scott Hines.’”

This was a first for the In Your Corner team.

VCRs are practically extinct.

I didn't know where to find one, so I enlisted the help of our KFOR engineering team and they found a spare one to donate to Larry.

Friday, we dropped by Quail Ridge to pull off the big surprise.

Larry had no idea we were coming.

News Channel 4’s Scott Hines, says, “We brought you something. We heard you needed someone in your corner.”

Larry says, “Thank you.”

Larry's not just a movie buff, but he's also an artist and a Channel 4 super fan.

Over the years he’s sketched News Channel 4 personalities, including Linda Cavanaugh, Kevin Ogle and Scott Hines.

“You're in his book,” McManus said. “So this is very special to him. It's really cool that you guys did this.”

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