Man’s remains discovered after going missing during ‘uncommon’ attack

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SYDNEY, Australia – The search has ended for a missing 62-year-old fisherman in Kakadu National Park in Australia.

Rangers say the culprit is a large crocodile, which is believed to have taken the man from his boat.

The man was fishing with his son, wife and daughter-in-law when the attack occurred.

Sgt. Andrew Hocking, with the Northern Territory Police Department, said the victim’s family witnessed the attack but couldn’t do anything to save him.

The man’s wife and daughter-in-law drove two hours to get help after they couldn’t get a reliable cellphone signal in the national park.

Over the weekend, police and park rangers searched the area with a helicopter and a large boat.

While searching, rangers killed two large saltwater crocodiles.

Authorities say after killing the crocs, they found human remains inside the animals.

Grahame Webb, a crocodile expert, said it’s not common for crocodiles to attack during the warmer months but it is strange for an attack to occur near the winter time.

“They tend to move around a lot more when it warms up….and that’s when they are more dangerous,” said Webb.

This attack is considered fairly uncommon because most attacks involve swimmers, not people on boats, according to a study in the Wilderness & Environmental Medicine Journal.

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