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34-year-old fake high school student released from jail

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Charity Anne Johnson (Source: Gregg County Jail via KLTV)

Charity Anne Johnson (Source: Gregg County Jail via KLTV)

LONGVIEW, Okla. – A 34-year-old woman who faked being 15-years-old and attended high school in east Texas has been released from jail.

A judge in Longview sentenced Charity Johnson to 85 days in jail in a plea agreement.

Johnson pleaded guilty to failure to identify and was eligible for release due to time served.

She was arrested last month for providing a fake i.d. to police after posing as a high school sophomore for almost an entire school year.


Johnson said, “I’m just a normal person like any other normal person, trying to pursue her education, get her education and make it through life and be a better person.”

Johnson says she pretended to be because she was looking for love.

She claims her family abandoned her.

She says by acting like a child people took her in, cared for her and loved her in ways they would not have if they knew her real age.

She said, “I’m not the person that everybody, that some people have portrayed me to be such a bad person or a monster person, I’m just a regular person that was trying to do something better with her life.”

Despite her web of deception, Johnson may have found the love and attention she was looking for in the woman she still calls mom and her pastor.

Johnson said, “I love them both. I care about them. I know they’re probably hurt and all but…it’s just something I know that we’ll work out together.”

The two say as much as the lies hurt them, they are not going to abandon her and will try to get her the help she needs.

Watch Johnson’s full interview with KETK here.