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New college grads use unusual tactic to find a job

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TAMPA – Two University of South Florida grads are doing all they can to land a job.

They are hitting the pavement and hoping for a big break.

It’s an unconventional approach to looking for a job.

While most people think traffic is a headache, recent USF graduate Damian Romero sees the morning commute as an opportunity.

“You can’t do what everybody else is doing because it’s hard to get ahead, ” Romero said.

His signs say it all as he walks up and down Kennedy Blvd.

Romero says he has handed out more than two dozen resumes in three days, which is more exposure than he has received with online applications.

It’s a strategy he shares with fellow graduate Jarod Fluck.

The two are trying to beat the odds one red light at a time.

Fluck said, “I actually got a parking lot interview the other day. A guy asked me to step into his car and he gave me a quick interview on the spot.”

The duo says it’s more or less to get the face-to-face interview that the unemployed jockey for every day.

While some are sweating the job search at home, these two are literally sweating.