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Shuttle driver reunites owner with lost jewelry

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OKLAHOMA CITY - What started as a horrible misfortune took a turn for the better.  All thanks to a man who did what was right.

Ellen Kidd said a small bag of her jewelry disappeared during the hustle and bustle of airport travel.

It could have been anywhere, from here to California.

The only thing Ellen knew was she wanted it back, for 5,000 different reasons.

Ellen says she lost the bag after a long trip out west.

Ellen said, "We called every airport, every taxi, every rental car, every restaurant, every bus change that we had getting through airports."

The final place on the list was the Oklahoma City Giddy Up Shuttle Bus.

Shuttle driver Emmanuel Laine says he finds all kinds of things on his bus.

His most recent discovery was a tiny bag.

Inside the bag was $5,000 worth of jewelry.

Ellen was pleased to hear the driver had found her jewelry.

Ellen said, "She says 'we have it,' and I said 'what? Ha! You really do? Is there jewelry in it?' She said yes it is and some more tears flowed."

She finally had her chance to meet her miracle maker Tuesday afternoon.

Ellen said, "I just can't believe it.  I never dreamed I would get that little pouch back.  That there would be a person of such integrity and honesty."

She gave the driver Emmanuel a cash reward in return.

Emmanuel said, "That is a lot of money in there.  Thank you very much, it's our pleasure.  Thank you."