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Oklahoman tied up, robbed during home invasion

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Crime scene detectives surrounded a home on S.W. 25th street after a woman was accosted by two men who barged their way in.

"They got into the house tied up the victim and basically went through everything in the house ransacked it looking for things," said Jennifer Wardlow with Oklahoma City Police.

While the suspects loaded up on stolen goods, investigators say one man believed to be the "lookout" was outside keeping others at bay

"According to reports there was a third suspect that was involved in this incident who they believe waited in the car at the time the two were inside of the house,” said Wardlow.

It’s too early to know all the valuables the suspects took but the victims say they did make off with the family vehicles.

"They  took two vehicles from the house, a Ford Expedition and also a Lincoln Navigator,” said Wardlow.

Investigators spent time collecting small bags of evidence inside and outside of the home.

No word yet on why the family was targeted.

Other than being ruffed up by the men, police say there were no reported injuries. Anyone with information should call Oklahoma city police.