4 Your Children: Dangers inside your home your child may be facing

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Licensed psychologist and counselor Dr. Gayle Poyner stopped by NewsChannel 4 to discuss the dangers inside your home that your child may be facing during their summer break.

According to a Google analysis, web-searches for pornography jump over 4,000 percent during the summer vacation months.

Young children, home along, are exploring some of the darkest corners of the internet.

Chances are, they are doing it right on their cellphone.

Experts say early pornography exposure can rewire the brain, and lead to pornography addictions.

Dr. Poyner said, "When children are exposed to pornography, it starts to develop how they see their sexuality and what they will imitate.  What they imitate will go on to shape their sexual attitude, and too many children are becoming addicted to pornography."

Dr. Poyner's book Good Pictures, Bad Pictures helps parents address the touchy topic with their children.