Iowa man’s Cadillac runs on wood

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WOODWARD, Iowa – An Iowa man will not have to worry about gas prices rising.

According to WHO-TV, Herb Hartman has figured out how to keep his car running by burning wood.

Hartman said, “We call it a gasifier because it changes mass to gas, or smoke.”

His 1991 Cadillac is wood-fired.

“A full hopper will go about fifty miles,” he says, “depending on how you drive it.”

The retired machinist says he took on the task last year.

Since he built everything by hand, the project was fairly cheap.

He said, “I probably have maybe $700 in it.”

The car still needs its gasoline engine to start, but once it is started, it is all wood.

A tall gasifier attached to the back bumper makes Hartman stand out.

He says, “It has to be up in the air where it catches air, because you want to cool that gas.”

Hartman says his “fuel” is not limited to just wood.

“I mean I could burn weeds, I could burn any kind of bio mass,” Hartman says. “But, wood has the most pounds. You know, mass?”

He says the only disadvantage to a wood burning car is the effort it takes to saw, cop, dry, and shovel the wood.

Hartman said, “It’s labor intensive, that’s the big drawback.”