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Red, red wine: Researchers reveal surprising information that may improve your memory

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After a long day, a glass of wine may help ease some tension.

But did you know it could also help your health?

One glass of red wine might actually improve your memory.

Whether locally grown and produced, or grown in a far off land.

Red wine can do more than just compliment a meal.

“Red wine especially has some great health qualities. It’s actually heart healthy for you,” said Charlyn Fargo, a registered dietitian.

Not only has drinking red wine been linked to improving your heart health, new research shows that it could improve your mental health. In fact, it’s even shown that it could help fight dementia, so here’s to better memory.

They’re still doing research on this, and it looks promising it can help you have better memory.

In fact, some wine enthusiasts say they actually prefer red wine because of the health benefits.

According to the study published in The Journal of Neuroscience, it’s a compound in red wine that helps boost memory.

Aside from red wine and dark chocolate, sources of resveratrol include red grapes, peanuts, blueberries and Japanese knotweed.