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Victory tastes sweet: 8-year-old girl’s recipe wins her a trip to the White House

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IOWA – An Iowa girl cooked up an invitation to the White House.

Her recipe was among those chosen to be a part of the third annual Healthy Lunchtime Challenge.

Anabel Bradley and her mother Julie aren’t strangers to the kitchen.

The duo can whip up some wonderful dishes.

For a couple of years now, Julie, an elementary school teacher, wanted to put their skills to the test and try the White House’s Healthy Lunchtime Challenge.

But her daughter was too young to enter.

“Tried to convince some of my students they should enter, nobody was really interested. But, I was keeping track. I knew Anabel, when she was eight we could give it a try,” said Julie.

Anabel is eight, and the two did give it a try, earlier this year.

Their challenge was to create a healthy lunch that used all or most of the USDA’s  recommended food groups; fruit, grains, protein, dairy and vegetables.

They came up with two healthy twists on two not so healthy options: cookies and pancakes.

“Veggie cookies didn’t sound good, so I decided to make veggie pancakes,” said Anabel.

The over the rainbow veggie pancakes pack in about every color possible.

“Some carrots for the orange, yellow peppers for the yellow, then asparagus for the green tomatoes for the red,” said Anabel.

The two found out it earned them a trip to the White House for the annual Kid’s state dinner to meet the First Lady and maybe more.

It’ll be a once and a lifetime opportunity for this mother/daughter team.

A savory moment for a savory and healthy dish.