A Father’s Day to remember: B-17 bomber offers rides to the public

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OKLAHOMA CITY -Scott Maher, the Director of Operations for the Liberty Foundation, says his goal is to keep the B-17’s memory alive.

“We’re losing about fifteen-hundred world war two vets a day and with each death goes another story of courage and valor and this airplane. I hope probably represents their stories,” said Maher.

It’s known for its incredible defensive power.

The B-17 Bomber,  also known as the “Flying Fortress”, played a major role in the U.S. victory of World War Two.

“The guys who flew this – without them, we wouldn’t be here today,” says Wesley Chote, a Vietnam Veteran.

Nearly 13,000 were built between 1935 and 1945. Today only 100 bombers remain and less than 15 of those can take off.

To keep it’s memory alive, The Liberty Foundation is taking the “Flying Fortress” to the sky, giving you the chance to ride along.

This Father’s Day, at Wiley Post Airport, pilots fired up the propellers of a B-17 and gave Vietnam Veteran Wesley Chote a chance to teach his son about America’s past.

“It’s a good feeling to pass it on to him, he’s finally getting it,” said Chote.

A perfect gift for any father.

The impact of the B-17’s is still being felt four generations later.

“The guys that flew these – they’re dying off.  They’re going to be gone. It’s going to be up to people like me. I hope to pass it along to our kids,” said Chote.

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