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A heinous crime lands one repeat offender back behind bars

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An accused killed and rapist is behind bars.

This stems from a violent domestic dispute in the Village. Two women were raped, one was murdered, according to police.

Friday morning the village received a terrifying wake up call as police sirens blared down Lakeside Drive around 7 A.M.

Parker Durrett a Village resident says "It shakes you a little bit"

Police say when officers arrived they found two victims inside the residence two female victims.

One of them is twenty-four year old Rachel Rogers.

Police say she was brutally raped and murdered at her friend's home, near may and Britton.

The suspect behind this heinous crime is Albert Ray Johnson Jr. according to officials.

According to the department of corrections, Johnson has been locked up before for second degree rape, multiple kidnappings, prison escape and the list goes on and on.

"He was helping out with neighbors yards and he seemed like a great guy, but you never know, you never know," said Durrett.

It took more than twelve hours for lawmen to find Johnson.

They eventually tracked him down at an apartment complex in Bethany around 8:30 Friday night.

But residents are still on edge.

Parker Durrett lives just two homes down from the crime scene and says he's scared.

"As soon as I saw the cops, I had a bad feeling. Around here you think of someone dying and its probably natural causes," Durrett said.

With nothing natural about this death Durrett says the most disturbing part, is that the victim who lived, had her daughter there the entire time.

"Our heart pours out to that girl no one should ever see anything like that, especially a six year old girl, you know to walk in on that is just devastating, its terrible," Durrett added.

Police say Johnson could face multiple charges, including two counts of first degree rape, and one count of first degree murder.

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