Airline getting heat after stopping 3-year-old from using the bathroom

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BOSTON (WBZ) – An airline is getting a lot of heat for its policy involving the bathroom and a flight delay.

A mother says a JetBlue flight crew stopped her 3-year-old daughter from using the bathroom when their flight was delayed on the tarmac.

The woman told WBZ that 30 minutes into the delay, her daughter needed to go to the bathroom.

However, a flight attendant forced the girl to stay in her seat.

The child ended up urinating on herself.

As her mother tried to get up to clean up after her, the same flight attendant told her to stay in her seat.

After the incident was reported to the pilot, the plane was redirected to the gate for a non-compliant passenger to be sent to security.

However, an off-duty pilot stood up for the family and the crew ultimately allowed her to stay on board.

JetBlue responded to questions about the incident via Twitter, saying FAA regulations prevented the use of the bathroom while the plane was on the tarmac.

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