Transformation: Woman gains weight to love her body

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(CNN) – Just a few years ago, Brittany Miles hated food.

She says she was tormented since she was 7-years-old for being overweight and decided to fight back the only way she knew how.before

When she was a size 18 at the beginning of her senior year, she began compulsively dieting and exercising.

By the time she started college, she was a size 4 and obsessed with losing weight.

She limited herself to 400 to 600 calories and did 90 minutes of intense cardio each day.

Although she was 15 pounds underweight, no one caught onto her eating habits because they were too busy praising her for her weight loss.

After making a friend in college who finally noticed her eating disorder, Miles began reshaping her attitude toward her body.

While Miles said starting her recovery was the hardest thing she’s done, she also knows it was necessary to get her life back.

She’s gained 60 pounds since she began recovery and has maintained her weight for 15 months.

Miles says she wears between a size 10 and 14 and says her body seems to be at a happy weight.after

“At the end of the day, weight doesn’t even really matter in an eating disorder because it’s a mental disease,” said Miles. “Yes, there’s a physical manifestation of this mental illness, but it’s not a problem that stems from your physical health.”

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