World Cup fever sweeping Oklahoma

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The World Cup is underway in Brazil and the world's biggest stage in sports has the spotlight on the United States, as they open play against Ghana.

More than 13 million Americans play soccer in the U.S.  It is the third most-played team sport in America behind basketball and baseball/softball.

That passion is about to reach a fever pitch on the "pitch" of the World Cup.

"I would probably lose my job if we won and the next day I had to be a work," said Brandon Randell.

Randell says since Brazil is almost in the same time zone as we are, Americans can watch the games at a reasonable hour.

"I've watched a World Cup final at 3:30 in the morning before," he said, "and fallen asleep halfway through when I was a teenager."

Now that social media is more popular than ever, World Cup fever has become contagious through Twitter.

Even Thunder stars Serge Ibaka and Reggie Jackson can't stop tweeting about the games.

One click on Google and you'll find the World Cup schedule, or you can download several apps on your smartphone to follow your favorite team.

Soccer USA just sold 100 Team USA jerseys over the weekend.

"Can't keep them in stock anymore," salesman John Correll said.

How long would it normally take them to sell 100 soccer jerseys?

"It would probably take me four years to sell that much," Correll said.

Then there's the super fan, like Kieran Walsh of England.

He will be wearing his country's flag as a cape, and he proudly wears a black eye from playing soccer.

"Everyone in the world is watching that one game," Walsh said, "and there's no greater feeling than that."

Kieran can sense America's passion for soccer growing, and his passion will boil over if England were to win it all.

"I'll probably die from a heart attack to begin with," he said. "I don't want to jinx myself by even thinking about this, because I get far too excited."

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