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‘Video Vigilante’ exposing metro prostitution asks why local attorney is not charged

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro attorney allegedly caught soliciting a prostitute for sex more than a year ago, is still not facing any charges.

William Nixon of Love, Beal and Nixon, was arrested in May of 2013 along with six others.

Nixon allegedly responded to an ad set up by Oklahoma City Vice offering sex at local hotel.

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics became involved after allegations of human trafficking surfaced.

A local activist website revealing men who solicit for sex vows to not let this matter be swept under the rug.

The self-proclaimed video vigilante, Brian Bates of JohnTV.com, follows the results of this sting and many others.

“This is not a difficult case. It’s not a hard case to prosecute,” says Bates. “There’s no reason why a year and a few months later he still has not been charged.”

One by one, every suspect was charged, except Nixon.

NewsChannel 4 stopped by Love, Beal, and Nixon but was told Nixon is out of town.

“There’s an awful lot of lip service going on regarding this case,” says Bates. “I don’t know why. None of it smells right.'

After years of work, Bates says he's noticed a disturbing pattern.

“Blind justice does not exist in Oklahoma County,” says Bates. “If you’re an attorney, if you’re wealthy, if you’re someone that’s well known in the community, there’s a really good chance you’re never going to be criminally charged and that isn’t fair. They can come up with whatever excuses they want but I track all of these cases and you don't see the blue-collar worker who made a mistake having his charges go away.”

Nixon's charge packet has been back and forth between the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and the District Attorney David Prater's office.

Bates says he’s been told different things many different times and just wants an answer.

“Initially I was told he’d be charged within 10 days,” says Bates. “Then I was told he’d be charged at the end of the month. Then I was told that the charges were eminent. It’s been 14 months after he was arrested and the charges haven’t been filed.”

With the back and forth aside, Bates says this case sends a bigger message.

“Under the eyes of the law in Oklahoma County we’re not all equal,” says Bates. “If you live in a nicer house, if you have a nicer job, if you have better connections with the city, you’re not going to be held to the same standards that everybody else is.”

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics says all seven charge packets were handed to the district attorney's office at the same time, but Nixon's needed extra work.

It is now back in the hands of OBN and the DA's office is still waiting.

A spokesman with OBN says the charges are eminent and the district attorney should be seeing them any day now.

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