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111-year-old receives high school diploma

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NORFOLK, Va. – A 111-year-old Virginia woman received her high school diploma today.

A public school district gave an honorary diploma to Lela Burden nearly 100 years after her school days ended.

On Burden’s 111th birthday, she told WTKR, “I’m not old yet, I’m still a young lady.” 111 y/o woman graduates high school

Burden is delightfully sharp and still remembers nearly everything about her time in school.

She was a student back in 1918 when a flu pandemic hit.  The school was shut down to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

The teenage Burden worked two jobs and never went back to finish her education.

Decades of rich life experience taught her more than most learn in two lifetimes.

“Not any different,” she said on how she feels about being one of the world’s oldest women. “Still have your aches and pains but thank God I’m still alive.”