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Woman comes to the rescue of husband of 61 years, takes on rattlesnake

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CHICO, Calif.  – An 84-year-old man says he didn’t know what to do when he was bit by a rattlesnake on his front porch.

Fortunately, his wife came to the rescue and her actions have even earned her a new nickname.

Last Monday, Jim Magill got up to let the dog outside when he felt something strike his foot when he opened the door.

“It was just a shock, almost like you’d hit high voltage,” said Jim Magill.

When he looked down, he saw an 18-inch long snake slithering along the doorstep.snake

“I heard him scream and I went running over there,” said Nancy Magill, Jim’s wife.

Nancy, Jim’s wife of 61 years, let instinct take over.

She immediately grabbed a broom and a box and got to work.

“I tipped it sideways, took the broom, swept it in there and sealed it up and put it in the car,” she said.

The couple brought the boxed up snake with them to the emergency room.

As it turns out, the snake was actually a rattlesnake.

Emergency personnel were so impressed with Nancy’s skills they dubbed her “The Rattlesnake Wrangler.”

“This wasn’t something I thought out. It was just reaction,” she said.

The Magills say there is a new household rule to prevent something like this from ever happening again.

“Gotta wear my boots all the time,” said Jim.