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8-year-old child receives nearly 70 stitches after brutal pit bull attack

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NORTH CAROLINA – An eight-year-old Alleghany County boy attacked by a pit bull is on the mend from some serious injures.

Kristin Sagahon of Sparta says her son got 66 stitches – 50 on the outside, 16 on the inside for muscle and tissue damage.

She says they went to visit grandma in Independence, Virginia.

8-year-old Marcos allegedly went to play with another child at the apartment complex when someone at the complex opened their door and the dog came out and attacked him.

Sagahon says the dog pulled the child down an embankment, injuring his leg, knee and upper arm.

She says she took him to the hospital in Sparta.

Grayson County Sheriff Richard Vaughan confirms this happened Tuesday at the dog owner’s apartment.

Gwendolyn Hash is the dog’s owner.

The sheriff says she is charged with a leash law violation and having a dangerous dog.

Animal control says the dog will be quarantined until the court case is over.

Sagahon says her little boy is doing better today but they’re still getting over the shock.

Hash’s court date will be in early July.

The judge may deem the dog a vicious dog and if so, Hash will have to follow an ordinance and register the dog with the state and get a specified kennel along with insurance on the dog.