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Accident or murder? Police claim father may have left child in hot car on purpose

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MARIETTA, Ga. – A father is being charged with felony murder after leaving his 22-month-old son in a hot car on Wednesday.

Justin Harris told authorities he was supposed to take his son to daycare but forgot he was in the car and went to work instead.

The child was left strapped in a car seat for nearly seven hours.

When Harris noticed his son was in the back seat, he said he pulled over into a shopping center and tried to perform CPR.

However, police say that was not the case.

Authorities released an arrest warrant that says Harris returned to his car and opened the driver’s side door several hours before he said he found his son in the backseat.

The child was pronounced dead at the scene.

Other details about the case and what led up to the charges is not being released just yet.

“What I know about this case shocks my conscience as a police officer, a father and a grandfather,” said Sgt. Dana Pierce, with the Cobb County Police Department.

Officials say there were inconsistencies with Harris’ story when police arrived on the scene.

Last week, Harris pleaded not guilty to felony murder and child cruelty charges.