Storms possible this weekend

Meet EMSA’s newest member who helps when things get ruff

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OKLAHOMA – A new face joined EMSA crews last year as their mascot.

Now, medics are inviting you to come meet her!

10-7 is a mutt who loves people.

According to officials, 10-7 wandered up to the operations facility, they call post 41,  and has been a permanent fixture alongside medics 24-7.

Emergencies happen around the clock, so Post 41 is always bustling.

Medics get to love on her before they begin their shifts and when they get off.

Officials say 10-7 soothes medics after a grueling day and often softens the blow of an emergency call that was perhaps tough to handle.

“10-7 is appreciative to have a home and she is a treasure to medics.”

On June 20, national Take your Dog to Work Day, EMSA crews are inviting you to spend some time with 10-7.

She is more than a mascot. She is the EMSA family pet.