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GRAPHIC FOOTAGE: Gruesome video shows police killing homeless man with mental illness

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What you’re about to see is horrific.

This mentally-disturbed man, illegally camping in the hills above Albuquerque, New Mexico, will soon fall victim to police bullets.

The justification for the shooting, according to police: two small camping knives in his hands.

After hours of negotiations with police and surrounded by heavily-armed officers, James Boyd agrees to leave.

Then suddenly, this:



A flash grenade.

Boyd turns his back, police open fire,

Three shots. As he gasps for breath, police sic a dog on his leg.

They then fire bean bags at his arms, then handcuff him as you hear the 38-year-old man slowly wheezing.

Boyd was slowly dying.

The next day in a hospital, James Boyd became the 26th person in the last four years to die after being shot by Albuquerque police.

The autopsy revealed he was shot in the back: a homicide.