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Local cub scouts raise money for 2-year-old with less than nine months to live

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OKLAHOMA - A 2-year-old with less than nine months to live fights cancer with the help of a group of Cub Scouts not much older than she is.

Farrah Sinclair is only one of two or three kids in the state with an inoperable DIPG brain tumor.

7-year-old Hayden Weathers was so moved by Farrah's story he decided to spend most of his free time helping her family raise the money to buy some time.

Farrah’s mom Jenna Sinclair says, “We knew that it wasn’t good. We just had a feeling and the doctors told us that it was the worst of the worst.”

What started as an ear infection for Farrah quickly turned into something much more.

10 days before her second birthday, Daxton and Jenna Sinclair received the worst news of their lives.

“It is a terminal tumor, a terminal type of cancer that unfortunately there is no cure for,” says Daxton Sinclair. “On average it’s 9 months from diagnosis, so we’re all praying for a Christmas together, that would be something very valuable to her mother and I. We can pray for a miracle but we’re very realistic people as well and know the odds are kind of stacked against us.”

The Sinclair's are literally trying to "buy" time. The experimental treatments are pricey but that's where 7-year-old Hayden Weathers comes in.

“He’s definitely a special kid,” says Jenna Sinclair.

With the help of his Cub Scouts pack, Hayden is getting ready for a big fundraiser Sunday. All of the money goes straight to Farrah.

“So I can help Farrah, I can do a lemonade stand to raise a lot of money for her,” says Hayden. “She can go like to like Disney World before she, you know.”

Hayden says he can't imagine what Farrah and her family are going through and selling baked goods and lemonade is the least he could do.

The Sinclair's are touched by Hayden's generosity, to work so hard for a little girl he's never met.

“He has a heart that is so kind and he wanted to do something to help Farrah,” says Jenna Sinclair.

Daxton Sinclair says, “To see such a young boy with such a big heart and just him decide that he wanted to take his time and devote that to raising money to help Farrah, which he just knew was just a sick little girl.”

By sharing Farrah's story, the Sinclair's hope everyone hugs their children a little tighter tonight.

The bake sale and lemonade stand will be from 1-3 p.m. June 22 at 350 North Mustang Road.

Click here for more information about Farrah and Sunday's fundraiser.