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Must read: 44 Miatas spell ‘sweetest’ engagement proposal from above

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How man Mazda Miatas does it take to spell out “Marry Me?”

From the ground, this high school parking lot looks like it’s full of lousy drivers who can’t park.

But from above, those bad park jobs ask “Marry Me?” in Miatas.

“Originally, I didn’t have enough cars for a question mark, but on the day, a bunch of extra cars showed up,” said Burgess.

Including a Miata with a custom yellow paint job for the dot.

Why would anyone ask a girl to marry him using Miatas?

It goes back to Caitlin Lainoff’s and Colin Burgess’ first dates.

“I asked him to take me for a fast ride in his tiny car.”

That tiny 1992 Red Miata ended up forming the top of the “M” in marry.

Colin recruited Miatas for his marriage proposal through Miata forums and clubs, saying “Hello fellow zoomers.”

So, how many Miatas does it take to spell out “Marry Me?’

The answer is 44.

Colin spent the night before drawing chalk lines on the pavement.

To pull off his proposal, Colin pretended he had to go shoot some aerial photos of real estate. He flies the drone. She operates the camera.

And as he flew the drone over the parking lot in Elsinore Valley, California.

He told Caitlin to pan down.

For a few seconds, she didn’t get it.

“…and Colin actually had to prompt me “well babe what does that say?”

“It was a very long pause,” said Caitlin.

After getting down on his knee, he nervously asked, “Will you be my wife?”

She said yes.

Their kiss was captured by a photographer hiding in a bush.