Your name here: Coca-Cola rolls out with clever campaign to build a bond with your beverage

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Coca-Cola may be putting your name on coke bottles this summer.

New labels are coming off the printers and going onto millions of bottles of 20 ounce Coca-Cola, as part of a new marketing campaign.

Each label, one of about 250 different names,  is made to help you make a more personal connection with your beverage.

Innovative labeling solutions in Hamilton, Ohio helped coke develop the labels and the printing techniques and they’re one of six plants printing them out across the country.

A project that’s been in the works for a while is not hitting store shelves.

If your name is Sam or Chad you’re in luck.

And if you can’t find your name – there are words like friends or family instead.

“It’s so fun. You spend months and months developing this and coordinating it and then when you first see that bottle on the shelf, it puts a smile on my face,” said Preston Bowles, COO, Innovative Labeling Solutions.