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Website aiming to encourage voters stirs mixed feelings among Oklahomans

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More than 1.7 million Oklahomans are registered to vote, but are they doing it?

According to many Oklahomans are not voting, and they want that to change.

David Glover said, "There's a concept of social pressure, of social norms and shame, which I would like to call encouragement which I think people don't realize no one knows how good or bad or frequent a voter you are."

The site shows Country singer Toby Keith hasn't voted in a year and a half.

According to the website, for national blogger and TV host Ree Drummond, it's been more than 2,300 days.

"What's interesting is Nick Collison is an excellent role model. He's registered in Oklahoma and votes in Oklahoma," Glover said. "Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant have not registered to vote in Oklahoma."

Glover helped create the site that launched June 18.

Glover said he got the voter information straight from the state election board.

Some might wonder if the website is shaming others.

Registered voter Michael Decker said, "As a voter I think it's important, but I think it's your choice and your right to vote. Trying to shame someone into it is probably not the right direction."

The website believes using an online tool will reach out to the younger voters who are not heading to the polls according to the non-profit Stand for Children.

Matt Latham, director of Stand For Children in OKC, said, "The youngest demographics, 18 to around 30, only turned out in about 27 percent in the last election, so a very low turnout for that demographic."

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