Campaign volunteer arrested for allegedly stealing opponent’s signs

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KELLYVILLE, Okla. – A volunteer for the Oklahoma state House campaign was arrested for allegedly stealing opponent’s signs.

According to David Tacket, Robert Lucas, 85, a volunteer for the James Leewright campaign, was caught stealing campaign signs that belong to Geron Ledbetter, one of Leewright’s primary opponents.

The Creek County Sheriff was called after someone caught Lucas taking the signs.

Officers arrested Lucas for stealing the campaign signs.

Geron Ledbetter said he is glad Lucas was stopped.

“My thanks go out to the individuals who stopped and reported such an incident.  The incident that happened today is the ugly side of politics. My volunteers, my wife, and myself have worked hard during this campaign, only to have our efforts undermined by those who think that anything goes in politics.  Candidates put themselves in the line of fire while attempting to better the constituents they wish to serve. No one benefits from this… not the voting public, the candidates, or our country.  Apathy towards politics is spearheaded by this behavior and unfortunately we all suffer.  I am glad the arrest has been made and hope that these types of illegal campaign tactics will cease in the upcoming runoff election.”

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