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Attending a wedding or two this summer? Don’t give these gifts

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Planning on attending a couple of weddings over the summer?

Researchers recently published an article over what not to buy the bride and groom.

Kiplinger has a list of seven “worst” wedding gifts to give the happy couple.

1. Art or home decor top it, unless you know the couple’s tastes really well.

2. Followed by bulky kitchen gadgets.

3. Monogrammed linens.

4. Anything related to fertility or babies.

5. Handmade crafts.

6. Anything ‘kitschy” or humorous.

7. And relationship books.

Kiplinger suggests sticking to the registry.

And if you can’t afford something on your own, see if other guests want to go in on a gift with you.

To read more about what not to get, click here.