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In Your Corner Update: Con man back in our state

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OKLA. CITY - Our In Your Corner team has new information on Randy Madewell, a Texas contractor accused of preying on countless families across the country, including several Oklahoma customers.

Homeowner, Roger Hagerman, says Madewell took him to the cleaners.

“[I’m out] about $3500 and I haven't been able to get a hold of him,” he said. “That day the check went through.”

The state later filed four counts of home repair fraud against Madewell, but authorities skipped town before authorities could arrest him.

He eventually made his way to Indiana where he was later convicted of running a home repair fraud scheme.

Madewell was serving hard time in Indiana, but just this week, Oklahoma authorities picked him up in Indiana and brought him back to the Oklahoma county jail.

That’s where he’ll stay until he answers to the fraud charges in our state.

We’ll keep you posted.