Jury recommends death penalty for Midwest City man convicted of killing pregnant wife

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma county jury recommends the death penalty for a convicted killer.

Late Friday afternoon jurors handed down the punishment against Fabion Brown.

Brown had been accused of plotting to murder his wife and unborn child.

Jurors convicted Brown on two counts of murder Thursday night.

It didn't take jurors long, just less than 90 minutes, to recommend the death penalty.

That came after Brown, serving as his own attorney, asked jurors to spare his life.

Showing pictures of his graduation, Brown sought to gain sympathy with jurors by showing himself as a family man, not someone who needs to be put to death.

Prosecutors painted a much different picture of Brown as a man who orchestrated the cold-blooded of his wife Jessica Brown.

In January 2012, inside her Midwest City home, Brown was found shot to death.

Just a month later prosecutors charged 4 people with conspiracy to commit the murder.

The alleged gunman, Broderic Glover pleaded guilty and has been sentenced to life.

The driver of the getaway car, Laquan Ashley, also pleaded guilty and is serving 8 years in prison, but the key to the case against Brown is Emily Matheson.

Matheson had been Brown's girlfriend at the time of the killing.

She took a 15 year prison sentence in exchange for testifying against Brown.

Since the beginning, Brown maintained his innocence.

He even represented himself, serving as his own attorney during trial.

He did not talk after the jury's decision.

Jessica Brown's family didn't lobby in favor of the death penalty, but they are fine with the decision.

Formal sentencing by the judge is set for August.

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