‘I thought maybe I’ve got bad gas…’

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro woman's car died because of bad gasoline, or more specifically water in the gasoline.

It happened a couple of weeks ago after a big rain and now she's warning other drivers.

Melissa Nowlin just got her SUV back after an expensive repair. She paid more than $1,300 dollars in damage.

The cause of the damage was water in the gasoline she purchased from a Southwest Oklahoma City gas station.

Nowlin said, "I filled up with gas like I normally do. I got maybe less than a half a mile and my car started acting weird. It started shaking."

After she pulled over, she could not get her car to start.  She had to have it towed to a repair shop.

She said, "I thought maybe I've got bad gas or water in the gas."

The repair shop saved a bottle full of the liquid they found in her gas tank.

She said, "They called me and said 95-percent of the gas in my gas tank was water."

Meanwhile, she went back to the station and found a truck working on the tank.

She then called the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

An investigator went out that afternoon and found 1 5/8 inches of water in the station's fuel storage tank.

According to the investigators, the owner then admitted six inches of water had been pumped out of the tanks that morning.

The pumps were shut down immediately.

Investigators say the problem was due to an issue with the tank's "vapor recovery adapter lid."

Nowlin said, "Even though it was a malfunction on the tanks, I feel like as the owner you should make sure your equipment is working before you sell that product."

We tried to talk with the management of the gas station. However, they refused to comment on camera.

We do know they have since paid for the damage to Melissa's vehicle and refunded the money she had paid for a tank of "gas."

They have also made the necessary repairs to the fuel storage tanks at the gas station to prevent water from going into the tank in the future.

The corporation commission has re-inspected the pumps and allowed them to be turned back on.

If you think you have gotten water in your gas, you can report the issue to the corporation commission by calling their office at (405) 521-2211. You can also file a complaint online.


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