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Stepmom of boy found in basement arrested

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Detroit Police once again plan to talk with a 12-year-old boy who was missing for almost two weeks, as new questions swirl around his father.

You may remember Charlie Bothuell’s father was told live on TV by Headline News’ Nancy Grace that his son was found barricaded in his basement.

Now, police have arrested his wife, the child’s stepmom, on an unrelated weapons charge.

Charlie’s siblings have been removed from the home, and the boy is now with his mother.

Police found Charlie in his basement, crouched down, barricaded behind a stack of boxes and a 55 gallon barrel. ┬áItems so heavy that investigators say he couldn’t have constructed it himself.

Investigators say a PVC pipe and bloody clothing were found at the home, but no charges have been filed.

Charlie met with child psychologists before investigators took a statement from him on Thursday, but will not say what the boy said to them.

Police are also not commenting whether there were any physical signs of abuse.