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Update: Police believe they have found alleged serial rapist in Tulsa

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UPDATE: 7/3/14  Authorities in Tulsa say they have arrested a man accused of several sexual assaults across town.

Officers say they arrested 30-year-old Desmond Campbell.

Campbell has prior convictions from Oklahoma City for kidnapping, attempted robbery and robbery.

Police say he was just released on April 21, 2014, just over a month before the first rape was reported.

Authorities say he was involved in a car accident just 10 minutes after the last assault.

He was taken to the hospital and police say his DNA matched some of the evidence from the OSBI.

However, officials also believe he is only responsible for seven of the attacks.

One of the crimes is a different type of sexual assault.

When asked why the sketch was so different from the arrested suspect, police say it came from a victim who was stressed and who may have not given the best and most accurate information.

Authorities say he is facing a variety of charges including rape and sexual battery.


TULSA - An eighth attack is being connected to the serial sexual assault suspect in Tulsa.

It was just after 5:30 Sunday morning when officers responded to the latest assault.

The suspect broke into the house of a woman in her 60's who was home alone.

Tulsa police say the suspect's actions and statements during the assault are consistent with the serial assault suspect.

On Saturday, police released a sketch of the suspect saying he's a white man in his 40's with a medium complexion, short straight black hair and a short stubbly beard.

Sunday morning's suspect appeared to be a light-skinned black male with thin build and muscular arms, no facial hair and short hair.

His face was partially covered.

This is the 8th attack that Tulsa police believe can be traced back to one suspect.

Most of the attacks have been on middle-aged or older women who were home alone.

The last attack before Sunday morning's happened last Friday and police said the suspect strayed from his method of wearing a hooded mask and boldly showed his face.

That's how they were able to come up with the sketch.

The victim giving the description of the suspect from Sunday morning said this was in low light conditions.

And police say it's not unusual for victims of this type of traumatic crime to not be able to give very accurate descriptions.